Anupama: Anupama will yearn for Anuj's love! Baa will create a new ruckus in Samar's life,

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In the story of Anupamaa's Latest Episode, a big ruckus is going to be seen once again. Anuj, who till now was seen sprinkling his life on Anupamaa is now seen making distances. Anupamaa is not able to tolerate Anuj going away. Anupamaa is making every effort to get her husband back, but Anuj's ego is now coming in the way.

Anupamaa will take a big step to get Anuj's love

Anu's changed style will be seen in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa Upcoming Episode. Anu's friend Devika will once again be seen in the scene. Devika, Anuj's friend, and Anupamaa plan a trip but Anuj refuses to go. After this Anupamaa will be heartbroken. But Devika will explain to her, after which Anupama will be seen taking a big step to convince her husband.

Samar will propose to Dimple, Ba will create a ruckus

The beloved son of Anupamaa Samar will talk about his heart with Dimple. Dimple will be surprised to hear that Samar likes her. On the other hand, when Baa i.e. Leela Shah comes to know about Samar and Dimple, she will be furious and will be seen lashing out at Dimple. Baa once again a new drama will be seen starting.

Kavya will defame Vanraj!

The changing relationship between Kavya and Vanraj is going to be seen in the Anupamaa serial. Kavya has started modeling. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that some men come to drop Kavya home late at night. Vanraj, who is waiting, is unable to tolerate this and starts raging on the road itself. Then Kavya silences Vanraj in a loud voice and says that they were the people of her crew. In Anupamaa Anuj's Divorce, once again the relationship between Anu-Anuj and Kavya-Vanraj is going to go through ups and downs.

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