Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam's fans raging at the makers, told the UP actress is the real winner, see the reaction

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The TV reality show 'Bigg Boss 16' is running super hit after coming to its last season. Every week new twists and turns are brought into the show. In the last episode, journalist Dibang and producer Sandeep Sikand came. These journalists raised sharp questions on  Shaleen Bhanot, Tina Dutta, and Archana Gautam, after which Archana Gautam's fans were furious. Archana Gautam's fans have taken a dig at Bigg Boss makers on social media.

Archana Gautam's fans got angry
Archana Gautam was criticized in the episode. Archana also said that MC Stan has stayed in Bigg Boss 16 for a long time because of his fans, Stan had no significant contribution to the show. The guest on Show told her that she has no right to talk about the fan following of others. The guest also told Archana that she talks very badly, to which the actress said that she has not abused anyone in the show.

Fans told Archana 'Bigg Boss 16' winner
The fans of the show came out in Archana's support and started criticizing Bigg Boss including Salman Khan for demotivating Archana Gautam. The fans on Twitter have declared Archana Gautam as the top 5. Archana Gautam, a resident of Meerut, UP, remains the most entertaining contestant on the show.

Archana has given the right reason, Stan is nothing without his fans, this Salman's lawyer is a lousy person, he abuses. Stan is the boring person on the show.

Archana Gautam has lashed out at a misogynist like Stan, love you, Archana Gautam. Archana Gautam is a warrior, who is always full of confidence. Don't even try to break it.

Now, everyone is saying that MC Stan can become the top 3 finalists. Some fans are seeing Shiv Thackeray as a possible winner, although Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary's name is at the forefront as the winner.

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