"Controversial Show "Lock Up 2" to Feature Numerous Celebrity Contestants, Set to Air on Scheduled Date"

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The highly anticipated second season of Kangana Ranaut's controversial OTT show, "Lock Up," is all set to premiere on TV from April 17, 2023, as reported by Tele Chakkar. The show has been making headlines due to its unique concept and the diverse lineup of celebrity contestants who will be competing for the title. With 17 contestants vying for the top spot, this season promises to be bigger, more exciting, and full of drama.

One of the most talked-about aspects of the upcoming season is the inclusion of 17 celebrity contestants who will be locked up in a prison-like environment. These contestants will have to put their physical and mental abilities to the test through various challenges and tasks to survive in the game and impress Kangana Ranaut, who serves as the judge of the show. Similar to the format of "Bigg Boss," the show will run for 90 days, giving the contestants ample time to showcase their skills and strategies.

While there have been speculations about the show airing on GTV instead of an OTT platform, no official statement has been made by the makers regarding the same. However, fans are eagerly waiting to see how the show unfolds and what surprises the second season has in store.

The lineup of celebrity contestants for "Lock Up" Season 2 has been a topic of discussion among fans and media. While some big names in the entertainment industry like Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and Divya Agarwal have declined the opportunity to participate, Rakhi Sawant has confirmed her participation in the show. Rappers Emiway Bantai and Soundarya Sharma's names have also been circulating as potential participants, adding to the excitement among viewers.


The concept of "Lock Up" is unique and controversial, as it puts celebrities in a prison-like environment and tests their physical and mental abilities. The audience plays a crucial role in the show, as they have the power to vote for their favorite contestants, which ultimately leads to the elimination of the least popular ones. This interactive element adds to the thrill and suspense of the show, keeping viewers hooked.

The first season of "Lock Up" received mixed reactions from the audience and critics. While some praised its unique concept and entertainment value, others criticized its controversial nature. However, it managed to garner significant viewership, which led to the production of a second season. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see how the show evolves in its second season, with new contestants, challenges, and surprises in store.

With the premiere of "Lock Up" Season 2 just around the corner, viewers can expect a lot of drama, entertainment, and controversies. Kangana Ranaut's role as the judge is also expected to be a highlight of the show, as she is known for her outspoken and bold personality. The diverse lineup of celebrity contestants adds to the excitement, as fans will be eager to see how they compete against each other and who emerges as the ultimate winner of Kangana's jail.

In conclusion, "Lock Up" Season 2 is all set to captivate viewers with its unique concept and diverse lineup of celebrity contestants. With its controversial nature, interactive element, and Kangana Ranaut's presence as the judge, the show promises to be an exciting watch for fans and viewers alike. As the show premieres on TV from April 17, 2023, viewers can buckle up for 90 days of drama, challenges, and entertainment, and see who emerges as the winner of Kangana's jail.

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