Yeh Rishta... Spoiler Alert: Neil nears death, will anything untoward happen in the show?

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YRKKH is the longest-running Indian television shows which took space in people's heart. The audience really liked the chemistry between Abhimanyu and Akshara in the current track of the show. New turn will come in the upcoming show. Now Neil will save Akshara and others from the kidnappers, but the thing will get worse.

Neil will badly injured while fighting with kidnappers. Akshara definitely saves the girls but unfortunately the goons attack Akshara and hit her in the stomach.

Is Akshara's pregnancy in danger?

Thankfully the police reach the spot and shoot the goonn at the time of goon is about to kill Akshara. Unfortunately police fail to save Neil by seeing this Akshara shaken to the core.

neilIn the next show, What will happen to Neil? Will Neil survive? Will Aarohi regret it? Will the show take a new turn?

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